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5 ways to make a difference this holiday season

There is no better time than the holidays to commit yourself to make a difference in this world. Here’s our top 5 list at Star’s End Ventures:

  1. Connect with a stranger. Have a conversation, get to know someone. Nothing makes a difference in peoples lives as much as human contact and interaction.

  2. Respect your elders. With age comes the wisdom of experience. Things that can’t be learned from books. Spend the time to really listen to those older than you, ask questions about their life and experiences, and look for nuggets of wisdom to incorporate into your own life.

  3. Give. We live in a society that trains us to look out for number one. But try to give. Time. Money. Knowledge. A helping hand. And you will truly enrich yourself.

  4. Learn. Expand your horizons. Read. Listen to a podcast. Try and investigate opinions different from your own.

  5. Introspect. Find some quiet time, tune out distractions, and really think about what you want to do with your life. Then make a plan, with dates, to make it happen. Remember to check in every few months to revise it as needed.

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